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na me, zhe jiu jing yi wei zhe shen me ne?

    许多不为人知的葫芦食客认为它们必须杂交,但事实并非如此。8012意味着2018。这意味着2018是颠倒的。Generally speaking, the popular saying "8012" means "modern civilization has been developing for so long, why would such a thing happen?".


    你心中理想的居所是什么?Lin Yutang, a famous writer, has made such an outline in his "Twenty-four Happy Events to Taiwan" as "Garden in House, House in Garden, Courtyard in House, Tree in Courtyard". 理想的家庭生活应该是这样的。房子被淹没在花园里,房子里的院子里,院子里的树上。在这个院子里,我听夏雨的青蛙和潺潺流水。

    However, compared with Lin Yutang's time, as a middle class, Lin Yutang, who earned a living by teaching and writing, may only spend one or two years'income to buy such a house with courtyards and gardens; in modern times, owing to the scarcity of land resources and the strict control of the "restr“别墅”,他拥有“庭院和花园”。别墅产品价格昂贵,其中大部分都属于社会阶层的尖顶。

    This also prompts most people to withdraw from it and turn to the surroundings of big cities in search of a place with ideal life. For example, some Shenzhen homeowners who buy houses in Suiliaiwan, Huizhou, confess that the spatial scale of the houses in Shenzhen is not bad, but the volume ratio of the community is too high, compared with the low-density foreign houses and villas in Suiliaiwan, there is less natural atmosphere.


    Admittedly, according to the current situation of property development in Sunliao Bay, it is still far from Lin Yutang's "happy" living place - high-rise apartments without yards and gardens, villas are still unable to get rid of the "magic curse" of high total price. 此时,作为综合花园别墅和排屋特色的别墅堆叠产品层出不穷。

    从产品属性的角度来看,堆叠别墅是多层住宅的叠加和组合。They have gardens on the lower floor, roof gardens on the upper floor, single-door courtyards, super-large terraces, private courtyards, multiple gardens, and overcome the shortcomings of narrow and deep row villas. 室内空间具有单户别墅的优点。

    此外,成本性能优于大面积、高价位、昂贵别墅的高层公寓。In the sense of living scale, it has the characteristics of courtyard, large terrace and garden that high-rise apartments do not have; in the total price, it has the same sense of spatial scale as villas, and the price is equal to half or even lower of villas.

    Combining these advantages, the superimposed villas stand out in several residential forms and become the main residential products facing the "backbone" stratum of society and the ideal place to live. From this point of view, it is a good choice to build 110-171_3-4 gardening courtyards and overlapping villas in Zhengdongwan New Phase IV, which is located at the first stop of the Suiliaiwan Bay Bridge and does not need to pass through the congested Bay Bridge, either as a place to stay for the r这是一年中最美好的一年,或者是一个短暂旅行的全家人的度假空间。




    Hezheng Dongwan New Product Phase IV (Guanhai Tai) Garden Courtyard Overlapping Villas, perfectly presents Lin Yutang's ideal residence in "24 Happy Events to Taiwan" - the house in the courtyard, with a garden in the house. [Guanhai Tai] The stacked villas are located in the core position of the fourth phase products, with the whole fourth phase gardens as the central axis, and distributed on both sides of the landscape axis, hiding in the future green four phase gardens.

    在未来,城市带来的不安的情感和心灵在进入这个地区之前将是无动于衷的。After passing through the overlapping Tostana style garden of the whole Hezheng Eastern Bay Park, and under the influence of the beautiful scenery of the mountains and seas in the Sailiao Bay, the restless mood and heart are fully released, the home is in front of us. On the basis of the feeling of respectful garden landscape, combined with the design of low ratio of one ladder to two households, the sense of respectful home and vacation is like a shadow, and the ideal life is further enriched here.


    On the basis of the garden surrounding the courtyard house, 9 buildings of 110 sets of stacked villas are evenly distributed on both sides. On the overall structure, the product area of the first floor is about 111 and 134_, which is based on the actual size of the apartment, with more than 100_south-facing broad garden; the product of the second floor is about 130, which is based on the actual size of the apartment, with a south-facing large balcony in addition to the north-facing over 40 wide garden; and the apartment area of the third and fourth floors is about 111_. 和154(范围从实际公寓大小)到一个大阳台。

    Customers living on the first and second floors can feel the beauty of the alternating seasons of the garden through the extremely luxurious floor windows after entering their residence. 如此大的花园面积有更多的可能性,为家庭和假日空间规划。In leisure time, or with red bricks full of artistic flavor, stack a flower pond, so that all kinds of flowers from spring to winter, contend for each other; or build a white gallery, plant a grape, scatter four or five tables and chairs under the gallery, chat with relatives and friends leisurely,让时间流动。


    Su Shi has a poem that says, "Nine doors open on the moon, the stars around the balcony", [Watching the sea terrace] the large aerial balconies on the third and fourth floors of the stacked villas will present another unique scenery and the feeling of home leisure and vacation life. Comparing with other household products, the third floor products of cascade villas have the advantages of broad balcony, comfortable scale space and low total price on the basis of the same space enjoyment.

    The number of compound product terraces on the fourth floor is as high as 4, with an area of about 10 square meters, which fully meets the needs of family outdoor activities. For example, in these aerial terraces, you can enjoy flowers and tea, look at the stars in all seasons, and look up to the sky and the earth in every square inch.

    Some terraces can also be planned to grow some fruits and vegetables to live a leisurely and self-sufficient green life; or multi-functional space can be planned to become a part of the family holiday, a happy and leisurely holiday time, and further enrich the home and holiday life.




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    随着房价的不断上涨,房价上涨带来的问题越来越严重。许多人甚至到了“讨论房屋颜色变化”的阶段。经过多年的房地产开发,现在有一些缺点。最严重的问题之一是中国的人口问题。目前,我A股停牌_高鹰生殖中心国人口发展的结构性问题日益突出,包括老龄化加速和劳动人口年龄问题。人口下降,人口发展不平衡。据统计,2018年出生总数为1523万人,出生率为10.94,比2017年低1.49。死亡993万人,死亡率7.13,人口自然增长率3.81,比2017年下降1.51。这已经是连罗莱家纺_高鹰生殖中心续两年以来人口出生率和自然增长率下降,如我们继续下去,后果将十分严重。有人在网上开玩笑说,这些都是房价居高不下造成的,你想生第二个孩子都不敢生育,而房价成了最好的避孕药。现在抚养孩子的费用太高了,包括学前教育的费用,父母要给孩子最好的,会让他学到更多的东西,还需要报到各种培训课程、医疗费用等。更重要的是,孩子长大后,他还会为儿媳准备一个结婚室。携程旅行网联合创始人、执行董事会主席梁建章表示:“2017年,深圳北胜平均价格达到6万元,厦门口袋巴士暖暖环游世界_高鹰生殖中心、广州平均价格达到3万元,杭州、南京平均价格超过2万元,大大降低了城市夫妻的生育欲望。”以前,人们不愿意生孩子。现在的问题是年轻人不愿意结婚。根据国家统计局和民政部的数据,自2013年以来,中国的结婚率逐年下降。2018年,中国的结婚率仅为7.2,为2013年以来的最低水平。例如,当一个大学毕业生进入社会工作时,他的起薪很低。他不pp543 com_高鹰生殖中心可能买房子。即使在家人的帮助下,他或她也可以预付定金,但这些人支付不起高额贷款。他或她能不买房子就结婚吗?婆婆当然不同意,因为除了安居乐业的因素外,还有更多的权利依附在房子上,比如孩子的上学、医疗等方面都会受到影响,人们不得不对房子多加珍惜。目前,大城市的普通夫妇只有一个孩子。虽然实行了全陈蓉演过的电视剧_高鹰生殖中心面的两个孩子政策,但许wow 饱读诗书_高鹰生殖中心多人选择不生两个孩子或不结婚。这是非常严重的。人口问题的影响往往被推迟。目前的低生育率可能会在20-30年后影响中国的创新能力。高房价使年轻人不那么受欢迎,而低欲望社会则无关紧要。如何避免。房地产市场风险很大,所以买房子要谨慎。接线员:茉莉